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9 Feng Shui Tips for Writers

Try these 9 tips to get you in the mood!

Yvonne Phillips FSII

Do you need inspiration for that next writing project?

Do you need to write more content for your blog or to work on your first book? Follow these 8 Feng Shui

Tips to get you in the mood to write more creatively.

Here are 4 areas of the map of Feng Shui that are most important to a writer according to the principles of Feng Shui:

The Knowledge Area that is located in the South West area of your office or writing space.

The Career Areas that is located in the South area of your office or writing space.

The Creativity Area that is located in the East area of your office or writing space.

The Fame Area that is located in the North area of your office or writing space.

1. Yes, you must Declutter the area! If you like piles of papers around you, use horizontal containers or cabinets and if you like to file, choose vertical files.

Your goal here is to create a space that doesn’t overwhelm you with lots of clutter and you want a space that helps you focus on your writing projects.

2. Your Desk placement must be correct; never have your back to the door. If you must settle for your back to the door, there is a remedy. Place a mirror or reflective artwork on your wall so you can see who is approaching you from behind your chair.

3. If you have a window, try to be able to look out every so often to give you the depth of view and in turn you are exercising your eyes. Your space is all about you, it must match how you feel and how you operate.

4. Choose a water element that is moving like a fountain or flowing water with sound effects, very softly in the background.

5. Electronics use sudden bursts of energy and draw our energy, try and sit farther away from them.

Electromagnetic fields can go as far as 30”. Use plants to block this negative energy where it makes sense.

6. Hang a wooden chime in your window. It activates the chi energy to bring in wealth to you. Place your certificates or awards in the North part of the room, it is your fame and reputation area.

7. Bring in the 5 elements of fire, water, earth, metal and wood. They all interact with each other and work for you in creating a balanced writing space.

8. Here are some examples of items you can use in the different areas of your space. Keep everything simple and small. These items don’t have to be out, they can be placed inside a drawer or cabinet or all placed on a shelf.

Earth-Center-yellow-can be rocks, stones, pottery or any square object.

Fire-North-red/dark oranges-lamps, computers or artwork with red in it or an object shaped like a pyramid.

Water -South-dark blue or black and a wavy shaped object.

Wood-West-green and add plants or books in this space or an object in a rectangle shape.

Metal-East silver or grey and add any coins, or items with metallic finishes and a round object If you don’t have a routine or a ritual to start your writing, now is the time to create one. You can use music to get you inspired or light a candle. You can also create your ultimate writing space in another part of your office area. Happy Writing!

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