Benefits of Submitting Your Book For A TAZ Award

Benefits of Entering the TAZ Awards


In addition to the honor of being selected as a Winner in the TAZ Book Awards, there are also many practical benefits. Here are some of the many benefits of participating:
Honors and Distinction
Winners and category winners earn:
• The distinction of being honored as a winner. This leads to recognition from fans, the industry, your peers and, indeed, the world. It also impresses publishers.
• A gold digital winner seal for your book
• A special award for 1st place winners
• The right to display winner stickers or digital winner emblems on your book covers, websites and promotional materials. This distinction helps sell books!
• The right to printed award Certificates that reveal your award to family, colleagues and friends – as proof that your hard work has paid off.

All those nominated earn the right to use the verbiage “Nominated for the TAZ book award.” Badges saying “Nominated” will be available to all nominees.
More than just being an Awards (as terrific as that is!), you also get publicity and visibility including:
• Publicity: Winners and category winners get listed in press releases and the official announcement on The Authors’ Zone website, now under construction. It’s a perfect hook to convince the press in your local community to do a news story.
• Social media exposure: TAZ Book Awards last year generated nearly 50,000 social mentions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and elsewhere. The TAZ Book Awards amps up the online conversation around a book.