TAZ 2022 Awardees


                         Non Fiction -Memoir/ Inspirational

1st Place -Entrenched –Linda Lee Blakemore


The Front Porch Promise 1st Debra Runge Meder   

Finding My Way  finalist Jerrry (Jerome) Morton  

                           Non Fiction- Self Help /Health/Inspirational

1st Place=A Time to MournMaree S. VanDerzee


Neutralizing Dis-Ease Clifford L. Carter

The 5 Wellness Archetypes :Reveal Your Personality Master Your Health –Lisa Grazan  P

                                Non Fiction/ Spirituality

1st Place -Out of Darkness, Aligning Science and Spirit to Overcome Depression – Debra Holz  


Discovering Saint Anthony : If you Ask for Miracles, Doretta Lonnett Whalen   P

                                      Fiction Mystery

1st Place -This New Jobs Murder –Carole Lynn Jones 


TARD Del Staecker

                                        Non Fiction/ Memoir

1st Place-Hope for August, My Fertility Journey –Jennifer Kirsch  


The Gift of Time a Birth Mother’s Memoir – Julie McLaughlin

                                             Children’s Books

1st Place -Brave Hawk Crane  David Hall (Middle school)  Anthology

1st place My daddy Sleeps Everywhere –Jesse Franklin (Moyles), (Under 8


Mr Gary Gots a Friend –Sandra Miller Linhart (Under 8)

Chocolate Spaghetti for Breakfast Debra Sanchez (Under 8 )


1st Place -The Last of the Rockland Boys 1st Ed Prence  


Falling Apart, Falling for You, Chris Posti   

Swarm – David Hall

                                      Non Fiction

JUSTICE DIVIDED: A Judicial History of Sebastian County 1st place for Nonfiction History Jim Spears

Business and Personal Secrets for Getting Unstuck-1st place for Nonfiction Business –Frank Zaccari

Wanderwest: The Old World – 1st place for Travel Nonfiction  – Michael Dustin Youree


Audio Books

1st Place-Garrison Avenue By Joyce Faulkner-                                                        Performed by Micki Voelkel and Eric Wells


Fight Flight or Freeze, By Jim Enderle- Performed by Brandon Bolin


Special  Recognition for the play Pages by D.R. Sanchez