Non-Fiction History

1st Place-Quarantining Hate by Kerrie Taber  

Finalist-Finding the Lost Dalton by Harold Trisler

FinalistPeople Watching By Paul Cox  (General Non- Fiction)


     Non-Fiction Children

1st Place-Louder and Funnier by Darneisha F. Airhart                                        5 and up

Finalist-Traveling Our Road by Dylan Weiss                                          Acceptable for all ages



1st PlaceLance A Spirit Unbroken, by Walter Stoffel (Pets, Memoir)

Finalist-Reclaiming the Rose by Kathy Rizza

FinalistLIsten to Me  By Lynn Podrat 


      Non-Fiction Self Help

1st Place-A Dove in the Shadows by Jennifer Silbaugh

Finalist-Exploring the Art Of Seduction By Melissa Van Oss

FinalistBusiness Secrets from the Battlefield the Boardroom                      by Frank Zaccari



1st Place-Essential Astonishments   By Gina Mazza

Finalist- Poetic Nightmares by Kerry E.B. Black



1st PlaceBraving the Shore, By Cori Wamsley 

Finalist-Twisted Fate, by Leah Cairns 

Finalist-Death Not Investigated By David Hall 

Finalist-Twitter Crush By Em S. A’cor 


     Fiction Young Adult

1st Place-Lost in the Crowd: Benji’s Story by Sarah McKnight

FinalistBelieving In Horses Out West, by Valerie Ormond  


     Fantasy Fiction 


1st Place-The Last Keeper by J.V. Hilliard

The Trillias Gambit By  J V Hilliard

Vorodins Lair Official By J V Hilliard

Finalist-The Reaper’s Quota by Sarah McKnight



1st PlaceFrom the Milk House to the White House                                         by Christine Telez Siddall

Finalist-King Kindness of Kandu by Fran Cain

Finalist-Niags By David Hall