2020 TAZ Winners

TAZ Books 2020 –


*1.BALL GOWNS TO YOGA PANTS, By Dr. Shellie HipskyShellie 2020





*2.A Man is Not a Plan, By Mary Grace Musuneggi

Mary Grace 2020





Children’s Book

* 1.Snow Pants for Isabella  – ages 3rd to 8th Grade,              By Debra R.Sanchez, Illustrated by Cassidy N Bodnar

Snow Pants for Isabella 2020





* 2.K-9 Merlyn, Police Dog Extraordinaire , 3rd to 8th grade

K 9 Merlyn 202





* 1. Annzie the Brave                                                                                                          By D.L. Williams -Illustrated by Ashley Plummer

Annzie The Brave 2020





* 2.Bark’s Mulberry Socks by Leslie Moore,                                     Illustrated by Flelix Eddy, Japaense Translation Elsuko Fulatsumon

Barks Mulberry Socks 2020






*1.Herd of Nightmares by Kerry E.B. Black

herd of Nightmares 2020






* 1.Elizabeth Caged By Cheryle Williams

Elizabeth Caged 2020





* 2.The Organization  By Audrey J. Snyder

The organization 2020





 Historical Fiction

*1.Jesse 53rd Kentucky By Ruth Ochs Webster

Jesse 2020





General Fiction

* 1.Padre’s Pirates By David Harry

*2.Asphyxiated: Light the Room On Fire & Don’t Open The Door. The Kadejah Jones Story By First Lady

Asphixiated 2020






 1. Dulce de Leche, Recipes stories and sweet traditions, Memoir/recipe book ( Print) By Josephine Caminos Oria

Dulce de Leche, Recipes stories and sweet traditions 2020




1.Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter Awakens to Pain and Destiny By Deneen Marlette Joyner (Digital)

Soul Wounds 2020 




Non Fiction

*1.Frozen Tears, The Fort Leonard Wood MP Murders, True Crime By J. B King

Frozen Tears 2020





*1.Shrimp Tales, Non-Fiction Historical By Pat McGrath Avery and Rudy Garcia

Shrimp Tales 2020





How to non fiction

*1.Instant Authority Spread Your Message By Leanne Regalla

Instant authority 2020





*2.Legacy Recorder By Gael  Gilliland

Legacy Recorder 2020





Non fiction

*1.Faith Full Retirement By Jan Elliott

Faith Full Retirement 2020





*2. The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life                           By Maxine Wright Walters , PhD

The Alphabet Circle Journey 2020






*1.Confessions of a Barefaced Woman By Allison JosephConfessions of a Barefaced Woman 2020




* 2.No Small Gift By Jennifer Franklin

No Small Gift 2020





*Honorable mention Praises and Ponderings By Megan E. VancePraise and Ponderings




Self Help

*1.Amos and I, The Unique Contributions of a Father                               by Doreen L. Upshaw

Amos and I 2020





* 2.H.O.P.E, Helping others to Pursue Endurance By Iris Townsend

H.O.P.E. 2020