2015 TAZ Winners



Drum roll please………


1st Place–Here’s Your Script , by Nicole Navaez Manns, PHR

2nd Place-Voice Branding for Executive Leaders, by Lynda  Stucky


 Non Fiction,

1st Place-Like it Was Yesterday, by Jill Cueni-Cohen

2nd Place-Company of Heroes, by Eric Poole

Finalist-What’s your Spirit Animal, by Kelly Eckert

Finalist-Unplug, by Sam Wieder


 Science Fiction

1st Place-The Last Drop, by Andrea Perno,

2nd Place-Eternidad, by B. Thomas Harwood

Finalist -Fountain’s Edge, by Paul M. Salvatore



1st Place-Geechie Girl, by Lisa Harris

2nd Place-When Dreams Touch, by Rosemary Hanrahan

Finalist -Consequence, by Pat McGrath Avery

Finalist -Allegheny Dream, by Lisa Harris


 Self Help

1st Place-Get Reel. Produce Your Own Life, by Nancy Mramor Kajuth PhD

2nd Place-Student Teaching: The Inside Scoop From a Master Teacher, by Dede Falot Rittman

Finalist -I’m Sorry for Your Loss, by Lillian L. Meyers

Finalist –Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities, By Carol A. Briney

Finalist -Fresh Views on Resilient Living, by Sharon Eakes



1st place-Nobody’s Girl, by Barbara Amaya

2nd Place-From Veils to Thongs, by Dalel B. Kahill

Finalist -Red & Purple Hiking Boots, by Donna B. Billings

Finalist -Salvatore and Maria: Finding Paradise, by Paul L Gentile


Young Adult Fiction

1st Place-Believing in Horses TOO, by Valerie Ormond

2nd Place-Secret Words, Lorraine Roposh Beran

Finalist -The God Conception, Anissa Clay


 Children –age appropriate 6-10

1st Place-Someday I’ll Fly, by Rebecca Evans

2nd Place-Right left, A Boy Named Grey, by Leslie Moore



1st Place-Don’t Label Me, by Sandra Miller Linhart

2nd Place-Tookie’s Rescue, by Carol Connelly

Finalist -Hey Dude, Know Your Scripture, by Leslie Moore



1st Place-When Dreams Touch, by Rosemary Hanrahan

2nd Place-Hammer of Justice, by John Barry Kelly

Finalist-Johnnie Come Lately, by Kathleen Rodgers

Finalist-Gravity, by Beth Underwood


Special TAZ Poetry Award

Light of Truth-A Love Journey, by Kat L. Robertson


TAZ Pittsburgh Emerging Author Award

The God Conception, by Anissa Clay

A  special acknowledgement of a well done Cat Photo Documentary -compliments of the famous IPhone and Jay Speyerer.  Funny and very nicely done.