SAVE THE DATE-TAZ Writers’ Conference-September 19, 2020


The TAZ conference is always packed with informative workshops led by experienced writing and publishing professionals. I always leave learning something that I can apply to my own writing. Most of all, I walk away feeling inspired and energized to continue with my own work~~~~~Michael Burroway



                                          pen and paper

The TAZ Writers Conference is a wonderful opportunity for writers of all levels to get intense instruction over the course of one day.

Why should you Go? This is a serious conference for serious writers. Attendees are a mix of  new and accomplished writers looking  to expand their knowledge and to mingle with other writers/ authors , publishers and editors. It’s small enough that it won’t feel overwhelming with an impressive group of presenters and information.
Highlights of the conference include –
  • Talk To The Editor, a chance to have a portion of your manuscript evaluated by an editor or publisher.  Additional fee for this
  • Networking with like minded people in an academic setting.

Questions, or 412-563-6712



TAZ awards are based on 80% content and 20% production of your book. Judges are authors/writers/teachers/editors from Pittsburgh and New York. Submit your book before September 13, 2019, for a TAZ Author Award ceremony and Authors’ Night Out.