Sponsor The Authors’ Zone with a Your Name Award

This sponsorship helps The TAZ Award retain its independence and honesty. Judging the TAZ Award is a large challenge involving significant funds to promote and execute with integrity. The TAZ Award has no corporate sponsorships, so we are dependent on small sponsorships such as the Your Name on a TAZ Award.  This is a very unique way to honor someone you love or to give your business more visibility. Or maybe just for fun to have your name be an award, imagine The Your Name award for Fiction.

Books are being reviewed now and the finalists will be posted by October 6th, so don’t delay, sign up today!

Contact Anna Marie-wip@fastmail.fm or 412-563-6712

TAZ awards are based on 80% content and 20% production of your book. Judges are authors/writers/teachers/editors from Pittsburgh and New York. Submit your book before September 13, 2019, for a TAZ Author Award ceremony and Authors’ Night Out.